Handcrafted Unique Designs that are Creatively Yours

About the Artist

Andrea Martin was born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario.  A wife and mother to 5 beautiful children, she loves being creative in all faucets of life!  Being creative runs in her veins, and her DNA; she is the 3rd generation of artists in her family each with uniquely different gifting's.  For Andrea though creativity is an outlet for energy...it fills the [seemingly few] quiet times and mellows out the plethora of crazy ones.

There are no boundaries with art...no restrictions except your own creativity and willingness to try new things.  CYD Studios was born out of a passion to be expressively creative in ALL things.  There are no limits to what Andrea is willing to try and as such you will find a vast collaboration of expressive arts at the studio.

CYD Studios has transformed into many things over the years since it's creation, but has ultimately landed as an expressive arts collaborative.  From Home Staging, to Design Consulting, to Sewing, to Graphic Design, to Jewelry creation...there is no one "thing" that describes what comes out of the studio.  Yet each piece has one common trait; each is uniquely made...and Creatively Yours!